High investments in building brand equity form an integrated part of Omega Pharma's strategy of becoming a leading player in Consumer Health.

Omega Pharma owns about 2,000 brands that are supported by approximately 10,000 brand registrations across the regions where it operates. More so, some of those brands, such as Predictor, Davitamon, Galenco, Biodermal and Dermalex have been on the market since the early 1970's. 

The Company profiles itself as the pharmacist champion thanks to its extensive network to pharmacists and its impressive track record since its inception in 1987. On a total of approximately 2,500 employees, there are about 1000 sales representatives who visit approximately 5 to 10 pharmacists a day, thus ensuring strong in-store visibility of the Omega Pharma brands.

Beside this unique push marketing approach, a focused pull strategy further enhances brand equity. Key marketing communication tools include TV commercials, consumer leaflets, product website and well-targeted promotion campaigns.

A healthy lifestyle is what our brands stand for.