A number of brands from Omega Pharma's Top 20 refer to other promising segments in the OTC market.

XLS and XLS Medical are leading brands in the  weight management category, with top positions in several countries.

Predictor is a brand name with an impressive heritage and a strong reputation. Initially, the brand referred exclusively to pregnancy tests, but nowadays the assortment also includes other products for self-diagnosis and products to help couples with a wish to have a child to achieve their dream.

With Solpadeine and Optalidon Omega Pharma has two strong brands in the important category of pain relief products. Both brands hold top positions in several markets, and are Number 1 in the UK and Italy.

Opticalm(ax) refers to a product assortment in the eye care category.

Silence and  Nytol are brands of sleep aid products. In addition to anti-snoring products, the assortment includes OTC products to facilitate sleep.