VMS (Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements) and Natural Remedies represent an important product category within the Omega Pharma group.

The Top 20 brands of Omega Pharma in this category include: Davitamon, Biover/Abtei and Granufunk/Bional.

Davitamon was launched in 1928 in The Netherlands as vitamin AD for babies. Currently, Davitamon includes a wide range of products for all types of multi vitamins for various age groups.

Biover and Abtei are two closely related brands for natural remedies. While Biover's roots lie in Belgium, Abtei is a brand with a strong heritage in the German-speaking markets of Europe. Omega Pharma combines the best products of both brands when preparing an assortment for all markets where it operates, and the selects the most appropriate brand name for each country.

A similar approach is valid for Granufink and Bional. Granufink is a strong German brand for natural remedies, focusing on urinary tract problems and related issues. Bional focuses on comparable health issues and benefits from a strong brand awareness in its original home market -the Netherlands - as well as in a number of other European countries